Hardware Shiatsu massage

It’s a Japanese-designed form of massage based on the concepts of traditional Oriental medicine on reflex points and energy-leading paths (meridians).

The purpose of the reflex SHIATSU massage is to improve physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. This is achieved by using flowing movements along the meridians and pressure on the region containing a set of reflex points. On such points which focus on the legs and feet of a person the newest device SHIATSU influences. There are rotating massage heads that apply pressure on specific areas. In the result, there are therapeutic effects such as:

  • increased circulation of blood and lymph in the vessels of the legs
  • accelerated cell regeneration
  • relieve fatigue and relax tense muscles
  • pain relief

In our Center, we use three devices SHIATSU:

  • For feet
  • For legs and feet
  • For back and buttocks
Аппаратный массаж шиацу