Mineral lamp, TDP (electromagnetic therapy)

The method is based on radiation in the infrared range, which is created by heater with a temperature of 466 degrees, acting on the special mineral plate that has a proprietary 33 elements.

Minerals deposited on the iron plate a layer of 0,3-0,6 mm and provide even heat distribution over the plate. It is believed that the emission spectrum of the lamp as close to the emission spectrum of a person that contributes to the high therapeutic effect in the patient area.

Review of research in 1985 showed TDP therapy successfully used to treat over 30 different diseases and disorders of humans and animals. Thirty million people received medical assistance mineral lamps. Clinical data confirmed that lamp therapy reduces inflammation, relieves pain, improves microcirculation.

In the sanatorium LABRIUT TDP lamp is used for arthritis, arthrosis, degenerative disc disease, discopathy of the spine, back pain, sciatica, certain diseases of internal organs.

Минеральная лампа TDP (электромагнитная терапия)