Takasima massage bed

Automatic massage is made by balls 48 arranged on four axes and moving along the body from neck to toe, repeating the contours of the back. In addition, the produced vibration and electromagnetic therapy (extra-long electromagnetic radiation), which makes the procedure more effective.

he apparatus uses a rolled massage, deep tissue massage, vibratory massage, shiatsu massage (pressure point massage), chiropractic elements (vertebrae), as well as infrared warming up problem areas.

Procedure on the massage bed shows how healthy people and patients with degenerative disc disease, scoliosis, suffering from back pain and muscle. This method improves health, enhances immunity, helps get rid of insomnia, reduction of stress levels.

In the sanatorium LABRIUT massage bed is also used in disorders of the intervertebral discs (not in acute hernia), General fatigue and chronic fatigue. The method has age restrictions; some related conditions (osteoporosis), and is used in patients weighing no more than 80-90 kg.

Массажная кровать Takasima