The laser blood cleanser Zengda – LSBC

Low-frequency laser that improve and restore blood circulation, primarily in the brain and heart, and body in General.

With the help of special handpieces laser emitter is inserted into the nasal cavity, in the area of rich blood supply. Here at the blood affects the laser beam with a power of 650 nm, and the cleaned blood goes to the brain, coronary blood vessels and spreads throughout the body.

Indications for physiotherapy laser treatments to Zengda-LSBC are pathology of the coronary vessels, hypertension, angina. Laser treatment Zengda-LSBC prevents stroke and heart attack, eliminates headaches, rapid heartbeat, improves the condition of blood vessels in diabetes.

In the sanatorium LA BRIUT this device is also used for dizziness and migraines, neuralgia, auditory, facial and trigeminal nerve, Meniere’s disease, poor memory, senile brain disorders, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s.

Лазерный очиститель крови Zengda – LSBC